Liliane Tugiramahoro, owner of Lili’s Pedicure: Feet like it! Has performed several medical pedicures on me. She is very professional. All her instruments are well sterilized and the treatment area is comfortable. She takes her time and is very thorough. My feet always feel great after a treatment.
During a treatment, she discusses what she is doing and how you can improve your feet. For example, we talked about the type of footwear I use and she offered some foot exercises to increase mobility. She welcomes feedback so that she can improve your foot care experience. I have seen a great improvement in my feet since I have been seeing her. My toenails look healthy and my calluses are much smaller. From my experience, Liliane cares about the people she serves and she will always contact me after a service to make sure everything is fine.
I recommend Liliane Tugiramahoro to be inducted into the CANS membership. She would be a great asset to our community. I saw a podiatrist in Bedford years ago who dismissed my feet as not being bad enough for him to see me. This leaves me with the cheap pedicure places that do not look at the health of your feet. There are probably a lot of people who are like me in that they want to be able to walk pain free and don’t really care about the color of their toenails!
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions.

Margaret Hastings-James


“I had a great experience with Liliane!
She is very professional and knowledgeable about everything to do with your feet. Even after the treatment was done, she gave me many tips on how to take care of my feet. Hoping to continue to have more treatments in the near futur“.
Jocelyne Mc.


Liliane Tugiramahoro, owner of Lili’s Pedicure: Feet like it! performed a medical pedicure on me twice. Both times she was very professional and my feet felt fantastic after the service.

As a member or CANS myself, I know the importance of sanitation and the customer service experience. I can assure you that Liliane's implements are extremely clean and her service is highly professional. She takes great care in her work and conducts follow up inquiries to see how your feet are making out shortly after your service.
I recommend Liliane Tugiramahoro to be inducted into the CANS membership in order for her to continue to please people and their feet. As mentioned in the title, FEET LIKE IT!
The only other time I experienced a pedicure of this type was in Quebec City. I believe Nova Scotians should be taking better care of their feet so hopefully through Lili’s services, people will become healthier.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions.
Lisa Evong

Captain Lisa
«I received my initial treatment for Liliane and I was very impressed. My feet look amazing! Her service was very professional and I was confident her instruments were clean – I could tell she takes care sanitizing her tools. I couldn’t wait to wear my sandals in public.
I have already booked my husband (a soldier) and my father (a senior and a construction worker) for their initial treatment. I like that Liliane can visit busy people right in the comfort of their own home.»

My treatment was great.

- A wash with a medical foot cleanser
- Assess nails, skin and feel for any calluses, corns,
dry skin or open areas.
- Trim nails, remove any ingrown.
- Remove corns if present and reduce any callused
areas with dremel and finish with file.
- Apply moisturizer, use footlogix special cream if
needed for cracked heels and give relaxing foot
- Education to client and family in diabetes if necessary
and taking care of your feet to keep you mobile.

Maryse T




Depuis plusieurs années, j’essayais tranquillement de me débarrasser d’une verrue plantaire qui se trouvait sur la plante de mes pieds. C’est dans une ambiance calme et accueillante que Liliane m’a accueilli. Elle s’est bien occupée de la verrue et, avec détermination, m’a aidé à m’en débarrasser ! Quelques mois plus tard, il n’y avait plus de verrue. Elle était tenace et bien ancrée, mais avec patience et consistance, elle est partie. Tout au long du traitement, Liliane s’est intéressée à mon pied. Elle connaissait bien le sujet et a su bien me guider pour ce que je devais faire à la maison. Son traitement à aider ma verrue à remonter à la surface et, finalement, à partir. Je conseille fortement les traitements de Liliane, car je trouve qu’elle est courtoise et qu’elle connait bien les soins qu’elle me prodigue.
Janie D


Lors de ma première consultation, j'ai constaté que le service technique de Liliane désinfectait tout son matériel et mes pieds pendant tout le processus.Après le traitement initial, la douleur a disparu. Mon prochain rendez-vous est dans 60 jours et je suis sûr que cela m'aidera.