Lili’s Pedicure; foot care mission is: Practice the best in-depth foot care to relieve pain.

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Lili’s Pedicure offers a full foot care service to anyone who needs to be relieved of a pain or problem related to foot health.
Lili’s Pedicure followup customers' feet by giving advice on their daily needs. Our service is designed for seniors, diabetics, military, athletes, people with difficulties to reach their feet, those with problems like ingrown toenails, mycosis, cor , crevasses.
We offer a mobile service for seniors or those who want to stay in the comfort of their home. Guests are welcome to our workplace to enjoy the relaxing ambiance and reflexology complementary services
Lili’s Pedicure fills the gap between aesthetics and podiatry to offer personalized clinical foot care service to its clients.


I realized that in my case What we call in Europe “Medical pedicure” here “Foot care” is given by Nurses. I contacted the association wich give foot care nurse trainings, they fund that I over qualified. I Contacted Podiatry association, they don't have a level for technician podiatry. You need to have doctor level.

From my research, I realized that Nova Scotia don't have a level between esthetic and Podiatry. Clients are confused they go in Spa and the service is not ready to help them when the have pain, ingrown toenails, mycosis, cor , crevasses.
I have been trained 2 years with 2 time a week in hospital practices for people with Cancer, diabetes, seniors, veterans...

Janvier Nahimana
Marketing and communication specialist with project management and Workplace security certificed.

Bilingual services French and English

Other languages, Swahili, Kirundi , Kinyarwanda, Rassian

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